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The majority of my work is, at its score, a display of life’s colorful rainbow and form full compositions.

For me colors symbolize virtue and wholeness, a colorful environment that can affect space bay enhancing form in any given time and room.

Through my art practice, as well as my designs, this aspect of color are taken into their limits of expression, paintings and designs created from the bases of color defining the form.

I started as a designer so the aspect of color are understandable in my visual expression, but design also has the elements of composition, which without there is no use of color in an expressive way. So colors and composition are the basics of all works, both painting and designing, I hope that this reach the observer in a way that makes it a worthwhile experience.


Jose G. Sunday was born one day of may of the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-two in Spain, later on moved to Oslo (Norway) where it has remainded ever since. Studied draftsmanship, he is RD Diploma in interior design and Diploma in graphic design, and has several corses in painting and art history, and marketing.

In the professional field has participated in various projects of design as a freelancer and executed jobs to individuals. He has exibited paintings in several countries and selected net-based galleries.

Since 1996 has focused on his artistic activities and literary, publishing numerous texts and various books of poems.

Jose G. Sunday


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Jose Sunday

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